• The FDA announced additional draft guidance steps by the agency to support the development of safe and effective novel nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) in an effort to ‘help smokers quit’. Part of this plan appears to include a two-leg approach – Developing NRT Drug Products and Nonclinical Testing of Orally Inhaled Nicotine Containing Drug Products. Neither of these steps are effective at this time and are listed for comment purposes only.
  • Analyst Bonnie Herzog has predicted that tobacco companies such as Philip Morris International and parent company Altria will survive the transition from combustible cigarettes to vapor products. The inference so far, based on these companies’ behavior, is that their survival depends on adopting and adapting to that shift rather than attempting to resist it.
  • The city council of Des Plaines, Illinois voted unanimously to outlaw possession of tobacco and vaping products to those under 21 years of age, in addition to, raising the minimum purchase age from 18 to 21, reports The Daily Herald. The ordinance requires a second vote of approval, which is expected later this month.
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